Our Story

Hi! Thanks for visiting our shop. My name is Megan along with my husband Tucker & son Graham. Graham was diagnosed at the age of two & a half with Autism. Ever since then we have been living our lives on the spectrum. Learning something new each day & loving every minute of it. We are incredibly in love with our son, & nothing makes us happier than to see him laugh & smile. Each day we live in full support of families & children living on the spectrum. Autism is incredibly broad & that is why some may not even know that they are on the spectrum. Which brings us to why we created tHe bLu dESeRt.

Tucker & I are creative thinkers. I am very much into fashion, photography, & painting. Now for those of you who know me or perhaps even follow my life through tiny little squares, you know I am very dedicated to my title as an Autism Mama. I have no problem with letting you into our life to raise awareness. So why not raise awareness for Autism in the clothes we wear? Why not make stylish everyday items for those of us living on the spectrum?

We can’t be the only family out there who wants to support their child even in the clothes they wear. We have created a place to purchase stylish apparel to raise awareness but most importantly make a statement for people to see the world from a different perspective. We are sure there are more people out there just as excited as we are about these items we love & wanted to share with the world. Along with our Autism apparel, we want anyone that comes to our shop to be able to support anyone who is considered “different”.

Family In The Blu Desert Autism Clothing